is a vegetarian and vegan organic food company based in Gorizia. For 30 years Bioloab has been developing an ethical approach based on safeguarding the environment while also keeping the consumer in the center of the attention: this is what Biolab calls “responsibility chain”. Biolab acts with the utmost respect towards its customers, nature and the territory on which it stands.

Russian_not only jewelery
Jewelery, bijoux, objects

The heritage of this family-run jewelry shop ranks between the present and the past. Annalaura Russian runs the shop founded in 1927 by her grandfather and then managed by her dad.

Annalaura’s goal is to interlink the local artisans and the Made in Italy / Made in Friuli Venezia Giulia brands with international designers, interpreters of the contemporary market trends and custumers’ desires. A daily challenge offering to the customers tradition and innovation, experimentation and reliability with the ever-changing eyes of those who observe reality, capture gestures, dreams and joys and transform them in forms, colors, materials.

Russian_not only jewelery organizes meetings and public events both with customers and small local artisans and it offers exhibition space to local artists in the large rooms of the shop. Linking Italian goldsmith / silversmith tradition with contemporary artists opened up new possibilities for those who always look elsewhere, constantly renewing their commercial offer.



Since 1949 Federmoda (Italian Fashion Federation) has been the most important corporate representative of the fashion sector in Italy. Federmoda is part of the wider system of the Italian tertiary sector representatives, Confcommercio-Imprese per l’Italia. Structured at territorial level, Federmoda’s activity in our provincial area of reference is carried out in coordination with Confcommercio Gorizia.

Antonella Pacorig is an entrepreneur in Gorizia with 30-year experience in the fashion retail; Antonella is also an image consultant and a stylist with her personal brand SooChic. After an international training course, she is now a Style Coach TM and teacher. She is president-in-office of Federmoda Gorizia and vice-president of Federmoda FVG.


Your Eden
Contemporary restaurant
sake cocktail &wine bar

Your Eden, former Yousushi, was born in 2012 in Gorizia. Your Eden is not only a contermporary restaurant but also a developing concept, an intersection between oriental-based cuisine, especially Japanese, adopting excellent imported raw materials and traditional Friuli recipes and ingredients, offering dishes that reflect a “glocal” philosophy.

Far East and Friuli Venezia Giulia blend harmoniously into a riot of flavours, respecting seasons, ingredients freshness and the ever-changing needs of the customers with dishes litteraly “sewn on” to the guests.
Your Eden offers a refined experience, the result of a careful research of top quality ingredients from the Rising Sun to the South, as from small Friuli Venezia Giulia producers offering as well as delicious raw ingredients a rich wine list of the area.


The farmer at your home (la Contadina a casa tua)
Ciona’s land (Terra di Ciona)

Nadia was nicknamed Ciona by Emma and Elia, her children. Perhaps because she is very curly (ricciolona in Italian). Nadia started as a city graphic designer / illustrator. Since 2006 Nadia has redesigned herself as a farmer in a small town in the lower Friuli Venezia Giulia region, Fiumicello (Udine). Also Massimo, Nadia’s husband and companion of adventures, dedicates his weekends to the farm and deals with sustainability for a large company.

Terra di Ciona produces in the most organic, balanced and conservative possible way their special and ancient grains, vegetables, wild herbs and fruits. They also offer its customers excellent products that are good for health and respect the earth, without renouncing to innovation, useful for having better and healthier products.

Terra di Ciona is a certified organic farm by Icea, an independent body that is certified internationally; it is also associated with Aiab (Italian Association of Organic Agriculture), Slow Food and Civilization, deeply sharing the philosophy of these associations, which respectively promote the culture of quality food and the conservation of ancient seeds.


1848 – Chef’s Rooms

Chiara Canzoneri is a master chef and a consultant with over twenty-year experience in the food sector constantly updating and researching on the field and offering new opportunities to her territory.

In 2019 Chiara developed “Chef’s Rooms” a new tourist reception project in the heart of the old city of Gorizia, in via Rastello 62. Chef’s Rooms welcome the guests in a place full of the stories and scents of the borderlands, starting with Domenico Nardini who in 1848 opened here his food shop and tavern.

Chef’s Rooms benefits of the use of innovative techniques and materials to increase thermal and acoustic comfort impacting the environment as little as possible. A multisensory experience for the guests tempted by the precious selection of local wine and gastronomic products made available in the new locanda.

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